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I've been blessed to have grown up in a family that loves to fish. It was not uncommon over the years to be on the water with brothers, sisters, mom, dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and many different friends of the family. There were a lot of days around home in northeast Wisconsin, but occasionally we made trips to places around the Midwest and Canada. The family got me started with fishing when I was 2 years old and like the saying goes I've been hooked ever since.

Dad was inspired to fly fish by gramps and before I was a teen Dad got me started in fly fishing and fly tying. Even though I continue to fish a variety of ways the fly fishing has been the most rewarding. The challenge and sense of wonderment consumes my thoughts and much of my life. I can't tell you how many times I've laid awake at night pondering, planning, wishing, designing, even agonizing over all aspects of the sport because the next day was too long of a wait. I'm darn lucky to have good friends that are just as crazy about it as I am.

It was a natural progression for me to start a fly fishing business. I could teach what I've learned about fly fishing over the last few decades and pay some bills at the same time. My knowledge and services continue to grow along with my desire to learn. I found that I enjoy teaching others as much as I love being a student of the sport.

There's a feeling of contentment that comes from fishing familiar water and having a good idea of how the day will unfold. Even then there will always be something new that presents itself. It's the unknown that drives me and fuels my dreams. There's nothing better than developing new fishing gear, new fishing techniques and new ideas. Equally as exciting is exploring new water and the challenge of different species. The more variety the better. Combine all this and I'm on top of the world.

Some other things I've done related to fly fishing:

•I'm a member of several conservation clubs, some of which I have served on the board.

•A member of the American Casting Association. I've competed at the national level and done surprisingly well thanks to friends and competitors. You'll find the people of the ACA are wonderful to be around and are most generous and supportive even when your in direct competition with them.

•Teach a wide variety of casting to people of all levels.

•Also teach fly tying and fly fishing classes.

•Currently guiding for stream trout since that is the main fishery where I live.

•Have written a fly fishing blog for the Minneapolis Star Tribune in the past.

•Did commercial fly tying for the local shops for at least a dozen years.

•Have been building rods for quite a few years.

•Have been doing rod repairs for the local shops for a decade or more.

•Taught and demonstrated at numerous sports shows over the years to promote the sport.

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